Time Trials

Since January 2020 CTT have made a working, red rear light mandatory for all entrants to time trials under their jurisdiction. NO LIGHT, NO RIDE.

Every year Dursley Road Club run a club time trial series. This is held every Thursday starting with a short course Prologue in early April and running until early September. The season is brought to a close with a couple of hill climbs.

Please note we no longer accept cash payments. Please be prepared to pay with a contactless card or with PayPal. Fees are £3.50 for DRC members, £5 for CTT-affilliated clubs members, and £6 for no CTT affilliation (temporary membership fee included.)

The schedule and results are published below. Any queries can be directed to the Time Trials Secretary.

For more information on cycle time-trialling visit the sport's governing body's (CTT) website here.

Schedule of Club Events

Dursley Road Club Time Trials 2021

Results of Club Events

2021 Time Trial Results

Details of Time Trial Routes

Route U7B sign-on is in the entrance to the road named Chapel Hill (see pin in map). The actual start-line is a quarter of a mile south on the A38 at the bus-stop. Route travels North to the Slimbridge roundabout and then back. Finish line is opposite the sign-on location. Total course 10 miles.

The short course version of U7B starts from the lay-by a little South from the Berkeley Heath Road turning on the A38. Same as U7B to the Slimbridge roundabout and back. Total course length 6.8 miles.

UC184 is a circuit route. It begins at Cattle Country in Berkeley and riders go down the B4066 towards the A38. Turn left and carry on until the left turn to Purton, Breadstone, and follow the road ahead. Take the next left onto Station Road (junction opposite The Salmon pub) and follow the road ahead to the roundabout. Take the first exit onto the Berkeley by-pass to the second roundabout. Then take the first exit back onto the B4066 back towards Cattle Country. Repeat this once more to complete the TT.